Membership Benefits

What do you get by being a member?

All members benefit from:

  • Access to the all rooms of the club 24/7 with your own unique keyfob.
  • Access for you and up to two guests
    • By arrangement, you are able to book (at no cost) areas of the club for larger events with more guests (for example game nights or tournaments)
  • Free tea and coffee for you and your guests
    • There is also a selection of drinks and snacks available, and there is a donation tin to help cover costs to keep it stocked.
  • Free wifi and printing & copying facilities
  • Access to our extensive library of thousands of video games and 100+ board games and card games
  • A hot desk you can use to work from at any time
    • There are gaming PCs available for you to use for work/web browsing if you don't have a laptop with you.
  • Access to a private group for all members where you can make suggestions about the day-to-day running of the club, or request new games or hardware.
  • Access to a secure locker to store any items you want to leave in the venue.
  • Access to our private server (it's a Nextcloud instance that hosts our calendar, file share etc).
    • You will also recieve access to the game servers we run, as well as being able to take advantage of free web and file hosting with us.
  • Access to our mini electronics hackerspace which features a bench power supply, oscilloscope, professional soldering iron and related equipment
  • Access to our 3D printing facilties

If you have any questions please take a look at out FAQ or contact us.