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Behind the scenes

We're still working hard on refurbishing the venue - check out some timelapse videos of the progress so far.

Laying carpet tile

Fri 30th Sep (share link)

Building the board game shelf

Wed 28th Sep (share link)

More painting

Sun 25th Sep (share link)

Sorting some physical PC games

Sat 24th Sep (share link)

Stocking the movie wall

Mon 19th Sep (share link)

Filling the console game shelf

Wed 14th Sep (share link)

Putting up shelves in the lounge

Sun 11th Sep (share link)

Lots of painting

Sat 10th Sep (share link)

Building a storage cupboard

Fri 9th Sep (share link)

Drywall install in PC room

Sun 14th Aug (share link)

John installing sockets

Mon 8th Aug (share link)

Stripping drywall in kitchen

Wed 3rd Aug (share link)

Demolishing internal walls

Fri 29th Jul (share link)