Rooms & Facilities

The Video Game Room

The lounge area of the club. Kitted out with moody uplighting (no glare on the screens) we have multiple consoles set up on TV units and comfy couches to relax on. Check out our massive game and blu-ray library.

  • Four big screen TVs
  • Our specially curated collection of split-screen multiplayer 'couch games'
  • Retro TV consoles including
    • Super NES and NES, Playstation 1-4
    • Sega Dreamcast, Atari 2600
    • N64 and Wii
    • OG Xbox, 360 and Xbox One
  • Projector and blu-ray player with our library of DVDs and blu-rays
  • Four seat table for smaller games

The Board Game Room

Four large tables in a big naturally lit space. We have more than 100 board and card games in our collection so far. We're working our way towards collecting all of the top 20 games as voted for by Board Game Geek. Members are welcome to play the games at anytime and each member can sign in up to two guests (in addition, by arrangement, we are happy to accomodate extra guests for special nights).

  • A large (100+) collection of board and card games
  • Features two large 8-10 person tables to accomodate the more complex games as well as two smaller 6 person tables
  • Overhead HD projector with Playstation 3, Buzz Quiz Games and 8 wireless controllers
  • RPG collection including core rulebooks for D&D, Vampire, Alien, Netrunner and more
  • Comic book and graphic novel collection

The Canteen

Free tea and coffee available. There is a selection of snacks available as well as fridges and lockers for anything you want to store for another day. We aren't licenced, but you are welcome to BYOB.
  • Tea, hot chocolate and coffee making facilities are available free to all members and guests
  • A stock of snacks (crisps, chocolate, biscuits) - priced at cost (donation tin), we don't want to profit from our members
  • Ice maker, popcorn maker
  • Comfy counch seating with TV and games consoles and two Guitar Hero guitars
  • Fridges and lockers are available for free if you want to store food or drink to use another day
  • We aren't licensed to serve alcohol, but you can bring your own in and consume or store it for another time

The Arcade

  • Up-to-date arcade cabinet with new and classic arcade favourites
  • Retro arcade, play all the hits from the 80s and 90s
  • Two player lightgun set up on a big screen
  • Digital pinball and vertical shoot 'em up cabinet

The Gaming Room

Comfortable work spaces kitted out with gaming PCs where you can try out some of the latest VR games. Mini electronics hackerspace.
  • Gaming PCs pre-installed with retro and modern multiplayer games
  • Bookshelf and our collection of subscriptions to magazines and newspapers at our members request
  • Mini electronics hackerspace with oscilloscope, soldering station, bench power supply, digital enlarger/ microscope
  • 3D printing station; three PLA/ABS/carbon fiber 3D printers with digital calipers, filament selection and modeling tools
  • Vinyl cutter and plotter
  • Dart board with league scorer and professional darts

The Work Space

Take a seat at one of our hot desks, use the free wifi and catch up on some work. There are free printing facilities and multiple gaming PCs and VR.
  • Free wifi throughout the venue
  • Brightly lit with natural light
  • Take a seat at one of our hot desks and catch up on some work
  • Free printing, scanning and copying facilities
  • 3D printing facilitites
  • Mini electronics hackerspace
  • PCs available to use
  • Subscriptions to popular newspapers and magazines