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Upcoming events

All of the events below are open to the public. All welcome, all events are free.

Texas hold'em poker tournament

Sat 22nd Jun 7:00pm

Our friendly monthly poker tournament. £10 buy in. Beginners welcome.


D&D one shot afternoon

Sun 23rd Jun 1:00pm

An introduction to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons hosted by Brian (and now also Fraser, Ian and Graeme). He'll be the dungeon master (DM) and take you through a 2-3 hour self contained adventure for level 3 characters (and spend some time at the start to help you create your character and explain the basic rules).

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Chess night

Mon 24th Jun 6:00pm

Join us for our first ever chess evening! We'll have lots of chess boards set up (and digital timers for those that want them). Play a fun casual game, or take part in our tournament. There will be volunteers on hand to take you through the basics and help you get started.

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Intro to 3D printing

Wed 26th Jun 6:00pm

We'll show you how to take a 3D model, prepare it for printing (slicing) and how to send the resulting file to the printer. You'll have the chance to print some models to see the printers in action and have any questions you might have answered.

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The Big June House Party!

Fri 28th Jun 6:00pm

Part of the Geek Social Meetup - Come on down and join us for our regular monthly meetup. All welcome, from 6pm 'til late.

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Bring, buy & play - sell your old games and find some deals!

Sun 30th Jun 1:00pm

Our first bring and buy (and play) sale! Bring along any of your old video or board games you'd like to sell (or trade) and set up a space at a table. We'll have a selection of board games and video games for sale from members of the community. Come along a pick up a bargain! Stay around afterwards and try out your new games!

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Hacker wargames (linux command line tutorial)

Mon 1st Jul 6:00pm

Aimed at absolute beginners. We'll show how to securely connect to a server then we'll work through Bandit, an adventure game set in the command line that progresses step-by-step from the basics to common programs and beyond.

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The Gamer Club Open Day

Sat 6th Jul 1:00pm

We host regular open days for prospective members so they can see our facilities and meet some of our existing members. Join us to play some games and have a tour of the venue.


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator - Game Afternoon

Sun 21st Jul 12:00pm

Take on the jobs of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. Operate the ship together, and defend the sector from evil aliens. We're going to give this bridge simulator a try on the big screen and all the gaming PCs.

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