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Upcoming events

The Gamer Club Open Day

Sat 13th Apr 1:00pm

We host regular open days for prospective members so they can see our facilities and meet some of our existing members. Join us to play some games and have a tour of the venue.


Texas hold'em poker tournament

Sat 13th Apr 7:00pm

Our friendly monthly poker tournament. £10 buy in. Beginners welcome.


Horror themed board game afternoon

Sun 14th Apr 12:00pm

Come join us for an afternoon of horror themed board games. We have Betrayal at House on the Hill, Alien, Mysterium and a few others on the way, but really, I want to play those cheesy VHS games like the one in the photo, Atmosfear!

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Pre-Code Horror Movie night

Sun 14th Apr 6:00pm

Join us for an evening of classic horror. We'll watch a short (20 min) intro from The Criterion Collection explaining what Pre-Code Hollywood is all about (pre censorship basically) then we'll vote on a movie from their horror collection.

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Sci-fi Book Group (3rd Wednesdays) - Topic: Superintelligence

Wed 17th Apr 6:30pm

A regular book group night to discuss sci-fi and expand our reading horizons! This month we're reading anything about super intelligence. The topic for our next book group might be first encounters, robots, etc - we'll decide on the night depending on people's interests.


Open source VR game development with A-Frame for beginners

Mon 22nd Apr 6:00pm

A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences. A-Frame is based on top of HTML, making it simple to get started. But A-Frame is not just a 3D scene graph or a markup language; the core is a powerful entity-component framework that provides a declarative, extensible, and composable structure to three.js.
This event will show you how to get started creating basic 3D VR scenes/games. It will be more of a workshop format - I'll demo on my screen and you'll be able to work alongside me as we show the ins and outs of the software. It's easy to learn and experiment with as it's all based on Javascript and HTML.
We'll have some VR headsets so you can try out what you are creating in a proper virtual environment.

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Monthly Glasgow Geek Social Meetup

Fri 26th Apr 6:00pm

A combination of the Glasgow Geek Social Meetup and the Reddit Glasgow meetup. Join us for geeky chat and get to know some of the new faces.

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